ABBA – Pop Group Bio

ABBA – Pop Group Bio (ARCHIVED)

ABBA is remembered even today as one of the most successful groups of the seventies. Their music was soulful with powerful lyrics, strong voices and mesmerizing melodies.

ABBA comprised of 2 couples from Sweden – Bjorn and Agnetha and Benny and Anni-Frid who came together to form the group in the early seventies. The group was named by using acronyms of their first names – ABBA

Music by ABBA utilized strong production technology and became very popular by the mid seventies as one of the most active pop music groups. Some of their successful albums included ABBA, Arrival and Voulez-Vous. The highpoint of this music was strong melodies and keyboard basic musical arrangements.

Many of their hit singles and tracks from popular albums occupied the no 1 position on charts and stayed that way for many weeks. These included Dancing Queen, Fernando, Chiquitita, Mama Mia, SOS etc.

The couples divorced and the group finally parted ways in 1983.

ABBA is an unforgettable name in pop music and their songs are still remembered and heard by their fans till this date.

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Popular Songs By ABBA
ABBA’s all time greatest hits include –

Songs By ABBA

  •    Dancing Queen
  •     Fernando
  •     Mama Mia
  •     Hasta Maniana
  •     Chiquitita
  •     Honey Honey
  •     I Do, I D, I Do
  •     Money Money Money
  •     Knowing Me, Knowing You
  •     SOS

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