Annuals Music Group, NC

Annuals Music Group – Artist Bio (ARCHIVED)

From North Carolina, this group consists of a group of talented, long time friends including

  •     Adam Baker (Singer/Songwriter)
  •     Kenny Florence (Guitar)
  •     Mike Robinson (Bass)

The 3 have been part of bands together for over seven years. Recent new members of the band include –

  •     Zack Oden (Drums/Guitar)
  •     Anna Spence (Piano/Synth),
  •     Nick Radford (Drums).

This multi-talented group cannot be typecast in the lineup however; members often switch instruments live and in studio and offer input in the way of samples, vocals and percussion creating what might be called a musical commune. Their debut record, Be He Me is out on Ace Fu Records.

Annuals have a sophisticated and layered sound that belies the age of twenty-year-old lead singer and songwriter, Adam Baker. From the vocals, which alternate between sweet and otherworldly to loud shouts of glee, to the mammoth guitar explosions and strange indiscernible noises, Annuals infuse their music with an array of intense emotions.

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As young as they are, Annuals draws influences from a diverse range of artists such as Mike Patton, Brian Wilson, Paul Simon, Radiohead, the Beatles, Hank Williams Sr., Bjork and Aphex Twin. The mixing of styles, from electronic to folk to rock results in a totally singular sound. Reminiscent of high drama acts such as Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens, this musical collective appeals to both experimental and pop fans who appreciate well-produced material and astounding artistry.

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