Benzos Quartet – Artist Bio

Benzos  Quartet – Artist Bio (ARCHIVED)

Benzos is a New York based Stinky Records’ genre-bending quartet. Their sophomore album Branches which hit stores on August 7, 2007, seamlessly blends the ambience and rhythm of early underground dance and experimental electronic music with lush, rock-based guitars and soaring vocals.


  •     Christian Celaya (guitar/synth/vocals)
  •     Brian Joyce (guitar/vocals)
  •     Eiko Peck (bass) and
  •     Steve Bryant (drums/sampling).

Having undergone early changes in personnel and instrumentation, Benzos have overcome these obstacles by honing their creative vision to incorporate a heavily improvisational element, which they refer to as “live remixing” and which has become a hallmark of the band’s live shows. From the drum n’ bass overtones of “Hurt Everybody” to the infectious melodies of “Phase 2” to the dynamic vehemence of “Crooked Hands,” Branches engrosses you with transcendent emotions and complex, highly danceable rhythms that leave you wanting more.

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