Boney M, Music Band Bio

Boney M – Disco, Reggae, Gospel, Rock Influences (ARCHIVED)

Boney M is a truly unforgettable name in the history of music. This glamorous and extremely likeable group came together in 1976 and ever since then occupied a special place in the hearts of music lovers the world over. Frank Farian, Liz Mitchell, Maizie Williams, Marcia Barrett and Bobby Farrell formed Boney M.  Though Boney M made modest beginnings, they soon turned into a major hit with their music which was catchy, lively and very rhythmic.

Boney M’s music has influences of Reggae, Funk, Rock, Gospel and Disco. Their songs had distinctive soul soothing melodies and foot tapping beats and this is probably the reason why Boney M’s songs were played non stop at all the discos around the world. Music lovers just couldn’t stop having enough of them.

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Boney M

Boney M became a sensational hit and remained so till the 90’s. Even today, Songs by Boney M are heard and appreciated. Their uplifting music has the ability to bring a smile on the listeners faces!

 Popular Songs By Boney M
Here is a list of some of the most loved songs by Boney M over the years –

Songs By Boney M 

  •     Daddy Cool
  •     Ma Baker
  •     Sunny
  •     Rivers of Babylon
  •     Hooray Hooray! It’s a Holi-Holiday
  •     Belfast
  •     Happy Song
  •     Brown Girl In The Ring
  •     Rasputin
  •     No Woman No Cry
  •     Mary’s Boy Child
  •     Painter Man
  •     Gotta Go Home
  •     Felicidad

We take this opportunity at  to salute Boney M for their tremendous contribution to the world of music.

What Music Fans Say – Here’s what a Boney M Fan says about them

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