Cliff Richard – Artist Bio

Cliff Richard – Artist Bio (ARCHIVED)     

Harry Webb was born in Lucknow, India in 1940 and moved to Britain with his family in 1947. In 1958, Harry formed a group called “The Drifters” and started performing at local gigs. This is also the time when he changed his name and started being known as Cliff Richard – a name that made waves in the years to come!

The first single by Cliff Richard and the Drifters was – School Boy Crush.

Besides singing, Cliff Richard acted in a number of movies as well. Cliff Richard started being recognized as a Singer as well as an Actor. His first few movies included Serious Charge, Expresso Bongo, The Young Ones and Summer Holiday etc. Cliff also performed in a number of shows and concerts from time to time.

Cliff Richard’s singing style was simple, soft and very pleasant. His voice was extremely soothing and likeable. Over the years, Cliff Richard’s songs & hit singles topped the British music charts time and again. He also won several awards and recognition including the Best British Male Vocalist in 1967 and the Best Family Entertainer Award etc.

Throughout his career, Cliff performed with many well known artists of the music industry including Elton John, Janet Jackson, Freddie Mercury, and Stevie Wonders etc. In Oct 1995, Cliff Richard was knighted and came to be known as Sir Cliff Richard.

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Cliff continues his journey in music – with his Singapore Tour 2007 – Here and Now.

Popular Songs By Cliff Richard
Here is a list of some of the most loved songs by Cliff Richard over the years

Songs By Cliff Richard

  •     The Young Ones
  •     High Class Baby
  •     Living Doll
  •     Travellin Light
  •     Congratulations
  •     Dreamin
  •     Some People
  •     Wired for Sound
  •     Theme For a Dream
  •     Summer Holiday
  •     The Next Time
  •     We Don’t Talk Anymore
  •     My Pretty One

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