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The Cobbs Sing the Deathcapades (Self-Released)

The Cobbs – Philadelphia-based group began as Ty Cobb, named after its band members Ryan Cobb and Paul Cobb. It comes as no surprise that the estate of the legendary baseball player from which the band’s name was taken took legal action against our indie musicians, forcing the band to change their moniker to Mad Action.

After two releases under the Ty Cobb name and several as Mad Action, they took a couple of years off to complete their latest collection of rock greatness, Sing The Deathcapades.

Just to add another new direction on the band’s map, they changed names once again, this time to The Cobbs. Their current incarnation includes Ryan and Paul Cobb, along with Chris Coello, Maxwell Lee and Ryan Smith.

Following “Trophies,” in 2002, the pair released a follow-up ep entitled 7y Co66, on Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubs Abstract Dragon imprint. The limited pressing of only a few hundred copies gained critical aclaim with the British press. Unfortunitly, the name was now out there and the Ty Cobb estate came a knockin’. The moniker Mad Action was born.

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In 2004, Ryan and Paul Cobb signed to LOOG/Polydor records and immediately released 2 ep’s entitled “Teac Attack” & “Just Like Fresh Air”. A total of 18 songs spread over half an hour, that manage to take in folk, rock, sea shanties, blues, country, and punk in a scattershot approach that is as exhilarating as it is eclectic. Again, the Cobb brothers gained rave reviews in the British music press. A full length record entitled “And Begin” followed.

After spending the past 2 years recording their new record, producing/engineering numerous acts, such as BRMC, Kasabian, Mainline, Bottom of the Hudson, Peasant, and Hugo Chakra Bong, and temporarily touring and taking care of drums and guitar duties in the band Mazarin (I&Ear/BellaUnion), Ryan and Paul have re-surfaced with a new band called The Cobbs, a fitting name for the musical duo. This home-grown, DIY rock & roll outfit just wrapped up a tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club supporting their self-released record “Sing the Deathcapades.”
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