Crowdbands – Music Band Bio

Crowdbands – Music Band Bio (ARCHIVED)

Remember when music was great, inspiring, uplifting? Well it still is. We at Crowdbands are a hopeful construction in the midst of the chaos of the music world. We believe that people are more passionate about and interested in music than ever before. We believe that music is more integral to people’s lives than ever before.

And, in this new socially-connected internet age, we believe people are interested in taking an active role in the discovery of music. We at Crowdbands are establishing the first online community to run a record label and entertainment company, largely steered by the decisions of its Members. We believe in the power of music, and in wisdom of the members from across the globe to make the profound difference in driving the successful artist campaign effort.

We are the future of the music business. Come join in our effort! Join CROWDBANDS!

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