Dawn Landes – Multi Instrumentalist, Songwriter

Dawn Landes – Multi Instrumentalist, Songwriter – ARTIST BIO (ARCHIVED)

Presently, Louisville, KY native Dawn Landes may be best known for her cover of “Young Folks,” for which she enlisted a group of “old folks”– the WST Bluegrass Band from Austin. Drawing on the Fast Folk heritage of Greenwich Village, the indie-pop leanings of her occasional partners Hem and The Earlies, and the studio wizardry she picked-up as a recording engineer,

Dawn Landes has carved herself a niche on the local NYC indie folk scene and throughout Europe. Dawn’s second album and first US release, Fireproof, is an astonishing mixture of the urban and the rural. The aptly named Fireproof album was recorded live to 2” tape in a single day in an old fire station in Red Hook, Brooklyn (along with drummer Ray Rizzo, bassist Jonny Flaugher and engineer Adam Lasus). As a lyricist, Dawn Landes’ early influences were more clearly traditional and literary.

It was in New York City that Dawn’s musical “experiments” would find a professional home.  It was in France that Dawn landed her first record deal with a little label out of the South of France, Ocean Records. Dawn continues her work now while living in Paris and touring Europe.

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Collaborating, recording and performing alongside some of Frances’ rising stars and even a few Brooklyn ex-pats like Jason Glasser, cellist player and producer of Clem Snide. She is even starting to pen a few tunes in French. On tour, Dawn Landes has also reached a broader public by playing recent tours with Josh Ritter, Tom Mcrae, Midlake, Fionn Regan and Joan as Police Woman.

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