Elvis Presley – Singer, Actor, Performer

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Elvis Presley – Artist Biography (ARCHIVED)

Elvis Presley is undoubtedly one of the most loved and appreciated artists of yester years. The aura he created and left behind is cherished and remembered till date.

Born on Jan 8th 1935 in Mississippi, Elvis Aaron Presley moved with his parents to Tennessee in 1948. All through his growing up years, Elvis showed a growing interest and love for music.

Singing Style & Musical Influences: Elvis Presley was largely influenced by gospel singing in churches and this could be seen in his music and singing style. He was known as the ultimate singing sensation what with his Rock & Roll and Blues singing as well as extremely popular dance moves that made his fans go weak in the knees. Elvis’ individual style and fabulous stage presence enabled him to develop a special bond with his fans.

Multi Talented Performer: Besides his popularity as a fantastic singer and performer, Elvis also gained tremendous name and fame as an actor. He starred in almost 33 films and was loved by his fans in each one.

Awards & Recognition:
Elvis Presley received 14 Grammy Nominations.
Won 3 Grammy Awards for his Gospel music.
He was name one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Nation – 1970
His picture featured on the US postage Stamp in 1993

All through his career, Elvis Presley gained critical acclaim and loads of love from music lovers and is remembered even today for his charismatic and flashy appearance as well as scintillating music. Elvis passed away of heart failure on Aug 16, 1977.

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Popular Songs By The Legendary Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley’s all time greatest hits include –
Songs By Elvis Presley

  •     Love Me tender
  •     Are You Lonesome Tonight
  •     Surrender
  •     Too Much
  •     Jailhouse Rock
  •     Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear
  •     Don’t Be Cruel
  •     It’s Now or Never

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