What Fans Say About Their Favourite Singers

Artist in Focus – What Fans Say About Their Favorite Artists (ARCHIVED)

The team at musical escapades .com, through its section on Artist of the Monthsalutes music artists of yesteryears and today – both Indian and International performers. Some of the artists featured on the website include

Here’s what fans say about their favorite music artists and bands – Boney M Fan & Michael Jackson

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Dear friend, to let you know I am the Biggest BONEY M fan since my old teens. Since that time, I tried to follow their footsteps & today I still miss that time. I have all their albums, since vinyl LP and singles, also all their CDs, around 10 DVDs with many live shows and performances, also a book which was edited in Germany. I still have all this material and will have until my last days of life. I adore them, I use to listen to at least 2 or 3 songs from them everyday. I never get tired listening to them – it gives me good memories, peace, and also a feeling of missing my youth. If you’d like to contact me, please, do it. I am waiting to share all my experiences about this unforgettable group, still alive in my memories, even when they split in 1985. Boney M will be forever my favorite one. “I’m crazy like a fool” My best regards, Wilson da Silva Brazil polisul@polisul.com.br



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