Hot Springs – Artist Bio

Hot Springs – Artist Bio (ARCHIVED)
More About Hot Springs, Montreal CA

Hot Springs are among the most exciting bands to spring from the second wave of the Montreal music explosion, with Volcano quickly earmarked as one of the best records of 2007. The Hot Springs’ agenda is simple: they want to deliver what is desperately missing in today’s music industry – they want revolution and they won’t rest until they get it.

Biography: Band Members : Hot Springs

Giselle – voice+guitar
Rémy – more guitar
Anne – bang bang
Fréd – bass in yo face

Leaving dance punk and current saveurs du jour in the dust, Hot Springs have completely reinvented themselves with their first full length: Volcano. The album dishes out a combo of perfect pop, rock and ballads and yes – you can even dance to it.

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Lead-off single, “Headrush”, holds their contemporaries at arms-length with a hard-rocking seventies vibe, hinting at Heart, with the piss and vinegar of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, still managing to distance themselves from the current crop of bands hogging up the blogosphere, discovering Gang of Four for the first time.

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