Illuminea Chamber Pop Band

Music Band Profile : Illuminea (ARCHIVED)

With its origin as a home recording project between college classmates Jen Appel and Marc Goodman in 2002, illuminea grew to become a seven-person band as friends and lovers joined them.

This Philadelphia chamber pop band was earlier known as Illumina. Illuminea’s debut album Nightlight was self-released in 2004. Their second album features 12 new songs, including “Build Your Own” and “Homewrecker.”

With three distinct singers/songwriters in the band, Out of Our Mouths plays like a mix CD, albeit one that was created by a close group of friends intent on sharing their individual experiences with love and loss as a collective. Though there are frequent sonic and tonal shifts throughout Out of Our Mouths – it is at turns epic, intimate, stormy, playful, pensive, and jubilant – each song remains inherently illuminea.

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Having focused on playing shows in the northeast, the band has opened for Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, Sam Prekop, The Like, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, The Radar Brothers, and The Spinto Band.

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