Innerpartysystem, Music Band Bio

Music Band Bio – Innerpartysystem (ARCHIVED)

Just as any great artist can reveal their minds eye to the listener in a three minute song, Innerpartysystem somehow finds a way to do more – they take your hand, place something important inside it, walk you through the seedy and desolate alleys of their home-town and then they hold the door for you as you gape the dark and familiar. But don’t be afraid, it’s just entertainment.

Part confessional. Part dance party. — it’s never quiet clear what Innerpartysystem offers their listeners. The keen observer will allow themselves to be dawn in by the anxious beats, pensive blips and ominous thrashing tones while lyrically the band entangles you in sordid narratives with themes of lust, drugs, heresy, honesty, love and the insatiable pursuits of the darkest night life. Sometimes the result is numbing and ominous, sometimes it’s nervous and twisted, sometimes mindless and danceable, however, Innepartysystem are always subtlety challenging.

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