Pop Star Madonna – Artist Bio

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More About Madonna, Singer, Performer (ARCHIVED)

Madonna Ciccone was born on August 16th, 1958 near Detroit.

Her Early Days: Madonna was the eldest daughter among 8 children. All through her school days, Madonna was very active and took part in many school shows. She was a natural dancer and her dancing skills enabled her to get a scholarship to attend college.
Over the years, Madonna performed at different gigs and also joined several small bands.

Pop Star – Madonna

First Single: Madonna’s interest in music was at an all time high and she released her debut album in 1983. Her first hit single was ‘Holiday’ and since then, there has been no stopping her.

Her Music & Style: Besides her lovable voice, catchy tunes and fantastic dance moves, Madonna was known for her tremendous stage presence and her unique ability to engage her audiences.

Songs: Madonna’s popular songs such as Holiday, Lucky Star, Like A Virgin, Material Girl, and many many more became every music fans’ favourite.

Pop Style: Madonna’s pop style was evident even from her music videos and her dance moves were loved by one and all.

Movies: Besides dancing and singing, Madonna was also involved in some good acting. She appeared in films such as ‘Vision Quest’ and ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ in 1985.

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Appreciation and Awards –

1) Madonna was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
2) Her album – ‘Ray Of Light’ released in 1998 and she won the Grammy Award for it.
3) Her Austin Power 2 soundtrack  – ‘Beautiful Stranger’ won the Best Video From a Film MTV Music Video Award.
4) Madonna has been listed as one of the most successful female recording Artist by the Guinness World Records.

Popular Songs By Pop Star Madonna
Madonna’s all time greatest hits include –  Songs By Madonna – in order of all-time favorites here at musical escapades India

  •     Material Girl
  •     La Isla Bonita
  •     Like A Prayer
  •     Holiday
  •     Causing a Commotion
  •     Who’s That Girl
  •     Dress You Up
  •     Vogue
  •     This Used To Be My Playground
  •     Music
  •     Papa Don’t Preach
  •     Like A Virgin
  •     Express Yourself
  •     Cherish
  •     Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
  •     Frozen
  •     Open Your Heart To Me

All of us here at www.musicalescapades.com  are big fans of Madonna and have remained so over the years. We appreciate Madonna for her tremendous contributions to the world of music.

Want to add to this list? Are you a Madonna fan too? Tell us why? Share your musical escapades with us! Email Us at contact@musicalescapades.com

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