Medeski Martin & Wood – Artist Bio

Medeski Martin & Wood,  New York – Artist Bio (ARCHIVED)

Radiolarians III (Indirecto) Release Date: August 4, 2009

This improvising trio Medeski Martin & Wood have released their third installment of The Radiolarian Series on August 4th, 2009. Radiolarians III was recorded in December 2008 and perfectly sums up the themes, motifs and styles laid out in the previous two Radiolarians records.

About the music : There is an epic feel at play here, as the choruses rise and swell out of low-lying grooves and polyrhythms. Highlights include the passionate and gritty traditional “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down,” the anthemic “Undone,” and the Latin-influenced acoustic opener “Chantes Des Femmes.”

Overall, Radiolarians III finds the trio doing what they do best, melding genres and improvising.

What results, is maybe the strongest and most cohesive album of the entire Radiolarians Series. The trio consists of Keyboardist John Medeski, Drummer Billy Martin, and Bassist Chris Wood.

This trio performed only the new material on tour, recorded the material immediately after getting off the road, and are now releasing these albums on their own Indirecto label.

The band has repeated this process three times, resulting in three albums. The first of which, Indirecto released as Radiolarians I, on September 30, 2008, the second being Radiolarians II on April 14, 2009, and the third installment, Radiolarians III, scheduled for release on August 4, 2009.

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The three albums will be compiled into a limited-edition boxed set with extensive packaging, vinyl, and bonus audio and video content, coming out just in time for the holiday season of ‘09.

Medeski Martin &Wood on Tour – Tour Dates :
09.11.09 – The Mann Center – Philadelphia, PA
09.12.09 – Boykin Ball – Acme, PA
09.13.09 – Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH
09.15.09 – The Cannery Ballroom – Nashville, TN
09.16.09 – Bijou Theatre – Knoxville, TN
09.17.09 – Workplay Theater – Birmingham, AL
09.18.09 – Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA
09.19.09 – Neighborhood Theatre – Charlotte, NC
09.20.09 – The Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
10.02.09 – Austin City Limits – Austin, TX

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