What Fans Say About Their Favourite Singers

Artist in Focus – What Fans Say About Their Favorite Artists (ARCHIVED)

The team at musical escapades .com, through its section on Artist of the Monthsalutes music artists of yesteryears and today – both Indian and International performers. Some of the artists featured on the website include

Here’s what fans say about their favorite music artists and bands – Boney M Fan & Michael Jackson

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Dear friend, to let you know I am the Biggest BONEY M fan since my old teens. Since that time, I tried to follow their footsteps & today I still miss that time. I have all their albums, since vinyl LP and singles, also all their CDs, around 10 DVDs with many live shows and performances, also a book which was edited in Germany. I still have all this material and will have until my last days of life. I adore them, I use to listen to at least 2 or 3 songs from them everyday. I never get tired listening to them – it gives me good memories, peace, and also a feeling of missing my youth. If you’d like to contact me, please, do it. I am waiting to share all my experiences about this unforgettable group, still alive in my memories, even when they split in 1985. Boney M will be forever my favorite one. “I’m crazy like a fool” My best regards, Wilson da Silva Brazil polisul@polisul.com.br



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Ronan Keating, Singer – Artist Bio

More About Singer Ronan Keating

Ronan Patrick John Keating popularly known as Ronan Keating was born on March 3, 1977 in Dublin Ireland. At the age of 16, Ronan enetered the world of pop music by joining the band ‘Boyzone’.

Boyzone gained popularity as a favoured boy band and were appreciated for their music and melodies. Ronan Keating continued with the band and also made a big success of his own solo career.

Over the years, Ronan performed at various concerts, many dedicated to raising awareness about important social issues.

 Awards & Recognition:
Won Smash Hits Best Solo Male
Guinness Book of Records names him as the only Artist to have 30 consecutive top 10 singles in the UK Chart.
Won the BMI European Song Writing Award for the song ‘The Long Goodbye’.
Appointed the UN Goodwill Ambassador by the FAO – Food And Agricultural Organisation.
Won a World Music Award – Best Selling Irish Artist.

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Music: Ronan Keating has a very soothing voice, a charming personality and a charismatic smile. His fans love his music. Besides being a fabulous singer, Ronan has also been seen as a very good presenter. He had hosted and co hosted several events including the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Popular Singles by Ronan Keating

  •     Life is a Rollercoaster
  •     When You Say Nothing At All
  •     If tomorrow Never Comes
  •     I Love It When We Do
  •     Iris
  •     I Hope You Dance
  •     Baby Can I Hold You
  •     Lost For Words
  •     This I Promise You

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Pat Boone – Legendary Singer

Artist Bio – Pat Boone – Singer, Songwriter, Actor (ARCHIVED)

Charles Eugene Patrick Boone, popularly known as Pat Boone was born on June 1, 1934 in Jacksonville, Florida.

He is known as a legendary musician, spokesperson, actor and songwriter.

Beginning of His Career : It was Pat Boone who popularized many R&B songs by black artists of those times. He was one of the most popular performers in the 1950s and was loved for his smooth and likeable singing style.

His Singing Style : Boone sang a number of melodious ballads with his strong baritone and won the hearts of many with his soothing singing and impressive style.

Some of Pat Boone’s all time hits include ‘Love Letters In The Sand’, ‘April Love’, ‘Don’t Forbid Me’, ‘Ain’t That A Shame’ and ‘Friendly Persuasion’. Boone acted in some films including Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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Some Achievements and Recognition –
1) His recorded theme song for the film April Love in 1957 was nominated for an Academy Award.
2) The Billboard Magazine recognizes him as the #10 rock recording artist in history.
3) Was included in the GMA Hall of Fame by the Gospel Music Association.

For more information on Pat Boone, visit: http://www.patboone.com/

  •     I’ll Be Home
  •     Love Letters in the Sand
  •     Remember You’re Mine
  •     Sugar Moon
  •     Don’t Forbid Me
  •     April Love
  •     Johnny Will
  •     Speedy Gonzales
  •     Moody River
  •     Friendly Persuasion
  •     The Main Attraction

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Jennifer Lopez Bio – Singer, Actress

Jennifer Lopez – JLO Bio – Latin Singer, Songwriter, Actress (ARCHIVED)

Jennifer Lopez, popularly known as J Lo was born on July 24th 1970 in Bronx, New York.

Her Early Days: Right from her teens, Jennifer took dancing and singing lessons and even entered the television industry.

Beginning of Her Career : J Lo began her career in music in 1999 with her album ‘On the 6’. Her lead single ‘If You Had My Love’ and ‘Waiting For Tonight’ became very popular and reached the Billboards Hot 100.

‘Let’s Get Loud’ was nominated fro the Grammy Awards in 2001.

Her Music & Music Videos : All of Jennifer’s Music Videos were liked just as much as her songs. Her dance moves, persona and melodious voice drew the attention of music fans all over the world.

Jennifer Lopez showed her multi dimensional personality as just just a singer but also as a dancer, actress, song writer and fashion designer!

Television and Films : J Lo showed her acting skills as she ventured into the acting industry. She featured in TV programs such as Second Chances, South Central etc. Some of her movies included The Money Train , The Cell, Selena, Shall We Dance?, The Wedding Planner, Monster in Law, Maid in Manhattan and Gigli etc.

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Some Achievements and Recognition –

1) Won the ALMA Award for Selena – Best Actress in a Motion Picture.
2) Won the Lasting Image Award for Selena.
3) J Lo voted the World’s sexiest woman.
4) Won the Favourite Artist Award in Latin Music Category @ American Music Awards 2007
For more information on Jennifer Lopez, visit: http://www.jenniferlopez.com/

Popular Songs By Jennifer Lopez – J Lo     

  •     Love Don’t Cost A Thing
  •     Play
  •     Waiting For Tonight    If You Had My Love
  •     Let’s Get Loud

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Enrique Iglesias Bio – Singer, Songwriter, Actor

About Enrique Iglesias (ARCHIVED)

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born in Madrid on May 8th 1975.

His Early Days: Enrique lived in Madrid in the first few years of his life and on moving to Miami, Florida Enrique began showing interest in different forms of music. At the age of 20, he kick started his musical career.

Beginning of His Career : Enrique gained tremendous success and recognition right in the beginning of his career. In fact, just within the first three months, Enrique Iglesias sold his first million copies.

With every new album that he released, Iglesias rose to fame, his first and second album being – ‘Enrique Iglesias’ and ‘Vivir’. Through the years, Enrique emerged as a Songwriter and an actor as well. He also co produced a Broadway musical.

His Music: Enrique’s music had Hispanic, European and American influences. His songs have an unexplainable depth in them which inspires strong emotions in the listener. Over this years, his musical tours and concerts have attracted large crowds of music fans all over the world.

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Some Achievements and Recognition –
1) Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Performance – Album ‘Por Amarte’.
2) Nominated for 1st ever awarded category – Favorite Latin Artist at the American Music Awards.
3) Holds a record for producing 17 #1 Spanish Hit singles on Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks.
4) Named Favorite Latino Artist at 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.
5) ‘Be With You’ – #1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Chart, and many more!

For more information on Enrique Iglesias, visit: http://www.enriqueiglesias.com
Popular Songs By Enrique Iglesais

  •     Love to See You Cry
  •     Hero
  •     Be With You
  •     Rhythm Divine
  •     Bailamos
  •     She Be The One
  •     Escape
  •     Don’t Turn Off The Lights
  •     I’ll Survive
  •     Love For Fun
  •     Maybe
  •     If The World

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Pop Star Madonna – Artist Bio

More About Madonna, Singer, Performer (ARCHIVED)

Madonna Ciccone was born on August 16th, 1958 near Detroit.

Her Early Days: Madonna was the eldest daughter among 8 children. All through her school days, Madonna was very active and took part in many school shows. She was a natural dancer and her dancing skills enabled her to get a scholarship to attend college.
Over the years, Madonna performed at different gigs and also joined several small bands.

Pop Star – Madonna

First Single: Madonna’s interest in music was at an all time high and she released her debut album in 1983. Her first hit single was ‘Holiday’ and since then, there has been no stopping her.

Her Music & Style: Besides her lovable voice, catchy tunes and fantastic dance moves, Madonna was known for her tremendous stage presence and her unique ability to engage her audiences.

Songs: Madonna’s popular songs such as Holiday, Lucky Star, Like A Virgin, Material Girl, and many many more became every music fans’ favourite.

Pop Style: Madonna’s pop style was evident even from her music videos and her dance moves were loved by one and all.

Movies: Besides dancing and singing, Madonna was also involved in some good acting. She appeared in films such as ‘Vision Quest’ and ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ in 1985.

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Appreciation and Awards –

1) Madonna was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
2) Her album – ‘Ray Of Light’ released in 1998 and she won the Grammy Award for it.
3) Her Austin Power 2 soundtrack  – ‘Beautiful Stranger’ won the Best Video From a Film MTV Music Video Award.
4) Madonna has been listed as one of the most successful female recording Artist by the Guinness World Records.

Popular Songs By Pop Star Madonna
Madonna’s all time greatest hits include –  Songs By Madonna – in order of all-time favorites here at musical escapades India

  •     Material Girl
  •     La Isla Bonita
  •     Like A Prayer
  •     Holiday
  •     Causing a Commotion
  •     Who’s That Girl
  •     Dress You Up
  •     Vogue
  •     This Used To Be My Playground
  •     Music
  •     Papa Don’t Preach
  •     Like A Virgin
  •     Express Yourself
  •     Cherish
  •     Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
  •     Frozen
  •     Open Your Heart To Me

All of us here at www.musicalescapades.com  are big fans of Madonna and have remained so over the years. We appreciate Madonna for her tremendous contributions to the world of music.

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Elvis Presley – Singer, Actor, Performer

Elvis Presley – Artist Biography (ARCHIVED)

Elvis Presley is undoubtedly one of the most loved and appreciated artists of yester years. The aura he created and left behind is cherished and remembered till date.

Born on Jan 8th 1935 in Mississippi, Elvis Aaron Presley moved with his parents to Tennessee in 1948. All through his growing up years, Elvis showed a growing interest and love for music.

Singing Style & Musical Influences: Elvis Presley was largely influenced by gospel singing in churches and this could be seen in his music and singing style. He was known as the ultimate singing sensation what with his Rock & Roll and Blues singing as well as extremely popular dance moves that made his fans go weak in the knees. Elvis’ individual style and fabulous stage presence enabled him to develop a special bond with his fans.

Multi Talented Performer: Besides his popularity as a fantastic singer and performer, Elvis also gained tremendous name and fame as an actor. He starred in almost 33 films and was loved by his fans in each one.

Awards & Recognition:
Elvis Presley received 14 Grammy Nominations.
Won 3 Grammy Awards for his Gospel music.
He was name one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Nation – 1970
His picture featured on the US postage Stamp in 1993

All through his career, Elvis Presley gained critical acclaim and loads of love from music lovers and is remembered even today for his charismatic and flashy appearance as well as scintillating music. Elvis passed away of heart failure on Aug 16, 1977.

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Music Enthusiasts at www.musicalescapades.com take this opportunity to remember and appreciate the wonder of Elvis Presley.
Popular Songs By The Legendary Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley’s all time greatest hits include –
Songs By Elvis Presley

  •     Love Me tender
  •     Are You Lonesome Tonight
  •     Surrender
  •     Too Much
  •     Jailhouse Rock
  •     Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear
  •     Don’t Be Cruel
  •     It’s Now or Never

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Zubin Mehta, Music Conductor – AutoBiography

More About Zubin Mehta, Music Conductor (ARCHIVED)

Zubin Mehta was born in 1936 in Bombay. At the age of eighteen he abandoned the study of medicine to dedicate himself entirely to music. Today he is one of the most prominent musicians worldwide. Zubin Mehta is an honorary citizen of Florence and Tel Aviv and has been traveling the world conducting his orchestra. He was the general music director of the National Theatre in Munich for eight years.

In addition, he is the chief conductor of the Maggio Musicale in Florence and music director of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

ZUBIN MEHTA: The Score of My Life

Zubin Mehta – The Score Of My LifeA great way to know more about Zubin Mehta is through his latest Book – His Autobiography brought to you by Roli Books, New Delhi India

ABOUT THE BOOK – Zubin Mehta left the sheltered environs of his parental home in Bombay in 1954, as an eighteen year old, and moved to Vienna into the very unique culture of the Music Academy where he studied under illustrious teachers like Hans Swarowsky. Just seven years later he conducted the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras and became the director of the Montrèal Symphony Orchestra at the age of twenty-five. Further assignments included Los Angeles, New York, Florence, Tel Aviv, and eventually, Munich where he was working as general music director of the Bavarian State Opera from 1998 to 2006.

Zubin Mehta is one of the most celebrated conductors in the world. He has worked with all the top-class international orchestras and with excellent instrumentalists and opera stars of the past many decades. Musicians like Daniel Barenboim, Claudio Abbado, Itzhak Perlman and Pinchas Zukerman count among his intimate friends. Despite his tremendous success, this popular Indian with a zest for life still remains a restless spirit – a wanderer between the worlds, who is as famous for his commitment to Israel as for his musical openness to everything from open-air concerts to operas. His exciting life makes for a gripping autobiography.

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USP Of the Book: The only book that describes in detail the maestro’s musical journey. A simple, yet engrossing narrative of his life, influences and his years as one of the most famous conductors

Pages : 216 + 16 pages B/W Insert Size : 5.5” x 8.5”
Binding : HB with Jacket  Price : 395/- ISBN : 978-81-7436-687-0

Musicalescapades.com is Association With Roli Books brings to you ZUBIN MEHTA – The Score Of My Life

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Shrradha Pandit – Indian Singer Bio

Artist Biography : Shrradha Pandit – Indian Singer ABOUT SHRRADHA (ARCHIVED)

The talented and versatile Playback singer, Shrradha Pandit, started her musical journey at the tender age of 11 singing in Bollywood films. She belongs to the famous MEWATI GHARANA of music in INDIA. She’s learnt Hindustani Classical Music from her grandfather and guru, the renowned Sangeet Acharya Pandit Pratap Narayan.

Now she trains under the guidance of her father Shri Vishwaraj Pandit who is a renowned table player himself.

Her Debut Shrradha’s melodious voice was first heard in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Khamoshi- the musical’ where she sang for the younger manisha koirala in the songs ‘Mausam ke sargam ko sun’ & ‘gaate the pehle akele’, the melodies of which are still fresh in our minds.

Shrradha has sung the superhit & very popular song ‘Rang Deeni’ for actress kareena kapoor in the critically acclaimed film “dev” which also featured Mr. Amitabh Bachchan & Fardeen Khan.

‘Rang deeni’ has been one of the most popular songs of the year 2004.

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Shrradha’s first break as a leading singer came in Mr. Mahesh bhatt’s critically acclaimed film ‘Sangharsh’ where she sang two songs with Sonu Nigam for actors Preity Zinta & Akshay Kumar. The songs are still loved by all especially shrradha’s very first song ‘pehli pehli baar baliye’ remains a ‘classic’ & ‘evergreen’ song forever.

Shrradha’s successful line up of songs continued with her song e shivani in film ‘Khoobsurat’ which she sang with leading bollywood actor sanjay dutt.

Shrradha’s voice featured actress Urmila Matondkar in the film. The song has been very popular ever since. Shrradha sang for actress Karisma Kapoor in the film ‘Hum to mohabbat karega’ and then sang with co-singer Udit Narayan for the govinda starrer ‘jis desh mein ganga rehta hai’, the song ‘chal jhooti’ is still loved by all.

Shrradha teamed up with her younger sister shweta pandit to sing for actress Raveena Tandon for the film ‘soch’ and then for the film ‘haasil’. Some of her other films include ‘kehta hai dil baar baar’, ‘raju chacha’, ‘saaz’, ‘pagalpan’, ‘shararat’, ‘stumped’ kaffila and very receintly mr. Subhash ghai’s latest film black and white.

Her songs give you the melodic and peppy feel at the same time…

Shrradha’s Filmography
Movies songs

black & white peer manava with sukhwinder singh
Khamoshi with kavita krishnamurty
mausam ke sargam ko sun
gaate the pehle akele
sangarsh duets with sonu nigam
pehli pehli bar baliye
hum badi door chale aye
Khoobsurat e shivani with sanjay dutt
azmale ye with abhijeet

Jis desh mae ganga rehta hai chal jhooti with udit narayan
soch hasta hai rulata hai with shweta pandit
haasil ankhon mein tumhari
duet with shaan and shweta pandit
pagalpan title song
dev rang deeni
Shararat duet
raju chacha raju chacha with shaan and shweta pandit
kehta hai dil bar bar dikri amari with udit narayan
hum to mohabbat karega tum churalo dil mera
Yeh kya ho raha hai theme track in the movie

Saaz sunne wale with suresh wadkar & shweta pandit
anjali anjali
dil se pooch kidhar jana hai title song

Shrradha has sung for leading music composers like A. R. Rehman, Anu Malik, Sajid – Wajid, Anand Raj Anand, Raju Singh, Ajay – Atul, Aadesh Shrivastava, Jatin – Lalit and many more.

Shrradha has performed at corporate events for brands & event companies like
• Maruti, Cineyug Entertainment
• Videocon Showspace, Chennai
• Gobe Oil Corporate Events
• Kingfisher Aura, Bangalore
• Mahindra Sheer Management
• Icici Banks Indian Cricket League
• Tata cry
• Tvs popcorn
• Ashok Leyland Fountainhead
• Mumbai Police,
• Nagpur Police

Shrradha has performed all across the globe live at Bollywood concerts, stage shows, marriages & corporate functions with leading film stars, & singers and won the hearts of millions with her uncanny knack of keeping the audiences entertained

Get in touch with Shrradha at shrradhapandit@gmail.com

King of Pop – Michael Jackson MJ, Bio

Artist in Focus – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is popularly called MJ or “King of Pop”.

King Of Pop – Michael JacksonHis Early Days: Michael Joseph  Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, and rose to become a world famous musician, performer and a huge pop icon second to none. Michael’s stint with music and stardom began very early when he was all of 7 with the singing group Jackson 5 launched by his father. Since then there has been no stopping for this talented and hugely successful artist.

First Single: In 1971, MJ launched his first single, ‘Got To Be There.’ Soon after, he also recorded a couple of other hit singles. However, what happened next was larger than life –

In 1982, Michael released his best selling album ever – Thriller with unbelievably high record sales. He bagged 8 Grammy Awards for Thriller.

Music & Dance: Not only was MJ’s music brilliant, he also worked on some of the most fabulous music videos that took over music channels by a storm. Some of the notable music videos included Thriller, Billy Jean, Beat It, Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, Black or White, Remember The Time & Scream etc.

Jackson reinvented dance by introducing dance steps such as Moonwalk. From kids to teenagers, everyone seemed to have the MJ  fever.

Over the years, MJ introduced albums such as Bad and Dangerous that continued to receive the same appreciation and fan following.

Controversies: MJ has been in the midst of serious controversies numerous times. The change in his physical appearance also led to a series of speculations. However, despite all the negative publicity, MJ fans still love him and consider him to be the greatest pop star ever.

Charity: Michael has been associated with charity work such as the “Heal the World Foundation”  founded by him. His concerts, music shows and tours all across the globe have been hugely popular and appreciated by millions of his fans.

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Appreciation and Awards –

1) MJ has released many chart topping albums.
2)World Music Award’s best selling Pop Male Artist of the Millennium.
3) American Music Award’s Artist of the century Award.
4)Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
5)Most successful Entertainer of All Time -Guiness World Records.

Michael Jackson passed away on 26th June, 2009.

Fans pay their tribute to MJ – Michael Jackson Tribute Page

Popular Songs By Michael Jackson
MJ’s all time greatest hits include –

Songs By Michael Jackson

  •     Bad
  •     Billy Jean
  •     Smooth Criminal
  •     The Way You Make Me Feel
  •     Liberian Girl
  •     Black or White
  •     Thriller
  •     Dirty Diana
  •     Heal The World
  •     They Don’t Really Care About Us
  •     In The Closet
  •     Dangerous
  •     Beat It
  •     Wanna Make A Change
  •     Remember The Time
  •     Scream
  •     Blood On The Dance Floor
  •     Jam, etc.

All of us here at www.musicalescapades.com  are big fans of Michael Jackson and have remained so over the years. We salute MJ for the tremendous contribution he has made to the world of music.

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