Careers in Music

 Jobs, Opportunities & Career Options in The Music Industry     

Careers in Music

The music industry is one of the fastest growing industries the world over. With the rise in entertainment needs of television and radio audiences – Jobs & Career Opportunities in the Radio Industry, India, there has also been a marked improvement in the demand for professionals in this field.  Unlike some years back when music was merely considered to be a hobby, today, more and more youngsters and professionals are aiming towards building a lucrative career in the music industry.

The Indian Entertainment Industry is flourishing and expanding at an alarming rate. Talent Contests and Musical shows organised from time to time by major Television channels have been major contributors in recognising talented performers, singers and artists. These shows have been successful in providing a strong platform to budding artists so that they can come forward and showcase their talents.

Many of these unknown faces, voices and names have found recognition as well as work, helping them to achieve their career dreams on a serious note. The music Industry has opened a plethora of career opportunities for people who have the talent and interest in building a career in this vast industry.

Popular Careers Fields / Job Opportunities in the Music Industry, India

Career Choices in the Music Industry

#1 Vocalists / Singers (Classical & Non Classical) – If you are a classical or light singer with good music training and a good voice, you can –

  •     Launch their own Private Music Albums
  •     Become Playback Singers: sing songs for films and movies
  •     Host Music Shows on Television
  •     Lend their voice for Jingles & Advertisements
  •     Professional Singers can host Live Shows & perform on stage

#2 Instrumentalists – If you have expertise in playing a musical instrument you can –

  •     Launch their own Private Instrumental Music Album
  •     Perform at Concerts & Live Shows
  •     Play in Orchestras
  •     Recordings

#3 Teach Music – Vocal & Instrumental – if you like to interact with people and share your knowledge of music you can –

  •     Open a Music School and provide training in Singing or playing a musical instrument.
  •     Join a Music School as a teacher and train students in Vocal music or in playing a musical instrument.
  •     Teach music in Schools, Colleges & Institutes
  •     Take up work as a Home Music Tutor

#4 Music Composer / Song Writer – if you have an interest and expertise in writing & composing your own music, you can –

  •     become a music director and give music for songs in movies, films & individual artist albums.
  •     Join a media house or advertising agency & compose music and catchy tunes for jingles, TV ads etc.

#5 Lyricist – If you have a way with words and an understanding of the music industry, you can –

  •  Write original lyrics for movie songs as well as artist albums – lyrics should be such that suit the movie / situation etc.

#6 Music Therapist – It is a proven fact that music has the power to heal when used wisely. You can –

  •  Join Hospitals, Clinics and rehabilitation centers as a Music Therapist. This is a growing field that promises to offer a lot of opportunities to those who love music and have a genuine concern for others.

#7 DJ’s, VJ’s & RJ’s – If you are a music enthusiast but don’t actually sing or play music, you can pursue these offbeat career fields which will keep you in touch with music constantly –

  •     DJ (Disc Jockey), RJ (Radio Jockeys) and VJ (Video Jockeys).
  •     By using different mediums, you can reach audiences. A VJ presents music on TV, an RJ presents music on radio and a DJ presents music at live shows.
  •     You can interview artists and performers who are a part of the music industry.
  •     You can talk about music, performances and new artist albums.
  •     You can learn music mixing.

To pursue a career in music, you must have the drive and dedication to create a space for yourself in this highly competitive industry. Whether you are an instrumentalist, singer or a performer, it is imperative for you to practice, rehearse and prepare well. Confidence, determination and perseverance will certainly help.

Here’s wishing you all the best in your career!

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