Electric & Electronic Instruments

What are Electric Instruments & Their Varieties

Electric Instruments refer to those instruments which make use of electric systems to modify and amplify sound which is otherwise produced by acoustic means. Electric Guitar is one of the most common forms of an electric instrument.

Electronic Instruments refer to those instruments which produce music using electronic components. Since the music produced has nothing to do with acoustic music, it is called an electronic instrument. The Synthesizer is one of the most common forms of an electronic instrument.

Popularity of Electric & Electronic Instruments

Electric instruments such as the electric guitar is very popular and commonly used especially during stage performances. The amplified sound becomes more powerful and has a defining voice. The synthesizer is another popular instrument which is widely used.

Some of the tools used under electric and electronic music include

  • Microphone
  • Loudspeaker
  • Tape
  • Digital System
  • Amplification, etc.

Different Types of Electric & Electronic Instruments

  1. Electric Piano
  2. Clavinet
  3. Synthesizer
  4. Electronic Drum Kit
  5. Hammond Organ
  6. Vibraphone
  7. Mellotron
  8. Electric Guitar
  9. Electric Steel Guitar
  10. Electric Bass Guitar
  11. Guitar Synthesizer
  12. Electric Violin
  13. Sampler

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