What is a Music Gharana?

Schools of Hindustani Music

Classical Indian Music or Hindustani Music of India is known for its rich tradition of Gharanas. The term ‘Gharana’ comes from the word “ghar” which means ‘house’, ‘home’ or ‘family’.

Concept Behind Gharanas

Indian Classical Music training and learning has its roots in the teacher-student parampara or guru-shishya tradition. A gharana comes into being when a consistent stye and method of music (singing or playing musical instruments) is passed on from one generation to another (over 3 or more generations).

While some gharanas are formed directly by the father – son, others may be formulated when a teacher passes on his / her training & style of music to a valuable and talented student.

Categories of Gharanas – There are several different gharanas which may be divided into categories such as

  •     Vocal Gharanas – Khyal, Dhrupad, Thumri
  •     Instrumental Gharanas – Tabla Garanas, Sitar Gharanas, Wind & String Instrument Gharanas
  •     Dance Gharanas

List of Music Gharanas, India

  1.     Etawa Gharana
  2.     Jaipur Gharana
  3.     Banaras Gharana
  4.     Gwalior Gharana
  5.     Delhi Gharana
  6.     Indore Gharana
  7.     Patiala Gharana
  8.     Agra Gharana
  9.     Kirana Gharana
  10.     Rampur Sahaswan Gharana
  11.     Bhendi Bazar Gharana
  12.     Mewati Gharana
  13.     Dhrupad Gharana

Sitar Recital by Ramprapanna Bhattacharya – Etawa Gharana

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