What is a Music Festival?

Music Festivals, India & International

Music is one of the most uplifting and entertaining art forms not just for the artists / bands performing but also those who have the opportunity to listen to it and enjoy it.

What is a Music Festival?

Just as any other festival, that stands for celebrations and festivities, a music festival marks a celebration of music and melody by those who now how to express it and consider it divine. Music Festivals are festivals dedicated towards music and can be categorized based on –

  •     The different genres of music
  •     The local community
  •     The region in which it is held / musicians belong etc.

If you have attended a musical festival / fair, you must have also enjoyed the other attractions that form an important part of such musical events. These include – food courts, stalls and counters selling different items of merchandise etc. Music Festivals are usually held outdoors in grounds and are an open air event.

Most of these musical events and festivals span across many days and provide a perfect opportunity to music lovers to listen to good music and witness some awesome musical performances live!

Music Festivals – Awesome Experience

What makes these festivals a great experience is the fact that a Musical Festival presents a number of different performances through its specific theme. Many Colleges, Institutes, and Universities too, host music fests from time to time which are give special names. These include performances by popular bands, inter-college music competitions etc. Some of the popular ones include –

Mecca – Fest – Hindu College, Delhi Rendezvous – Fest – IIT Delhi Zodiac – RGIT Mumbai etc

If you haven’t attended one yet, here is a list of music festivals and List of International Music festivals Continued held all over the world – Make plans to attend at least one of them and rest assured of an experience of a lifetime!

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