Popular Styles & Music Genres

What is a Music Genre?

Popular Styles & Genres of Music

To put it simply, the word ‘genre’ means a category, class, style or variety, usually that of a form of art.

The term Music Genre or Genres of Music is used to refer to the different styles of music that exist & are recognizable based on their own distinctive theme, form & format, time period & technique, etc.

People across the globe listen to and enjoy different genres of music. Music artists across varying genres are given music awards & are recognized for their contributions to the ever growing music industry.

What Defines a Genre of Music?

Though there are a number of factors that contribute in defining these music genres, it is generally seen that pieces of music that share a similar style and technical musical language are clubbed together under one genre of music and narrowed down to sub genres.

Often, there may be some close similarities and a tendency of overlapping across two different genres.

This is the reason why there are many different views about how musical pieces should be clubbed into genres.

Irrespective of alternating views, there are a few genres of music which are universally accepted & recognized.
Here is a list of some of the popular Genres of Music, India & International –

Various Music Genres  

  1.     Bhangra
  2.     Blues
  3.     Boogie Woogie
  4.     Caribbean
  5.     Celtic
  6.     Classical – Western Classical & Indian Classical
  7.     Country
  8.     Disco
  9.     Electro
  10.     Electronic
  11.     Freestyle
  12.     Folk
  13.     Gothic
  14.     Hip Hop
  15.     Heavy Metal
  16.     Jazz
  17.     Industrial
  18.     Salsa
  19.     Soul
  20.     Samba
  21.     Tango
  22.     Techno
  23.     Trance
  24.     Western
  25.     Funk
  26.     Gospel
  27.     Latin American
  28.     Latin Pop
  29.     Latin Jazz
  30.     Merengue
  31.     Musicals
  32.     Opera
  33.     Pop
  34.     Polka
  35.     Rap
  36.     Reggae
  37.     Rock
  38.     R&B
  39.     Religious and Devotional

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