List of International Museums of Music

List of International Museums of Music

Here is a list of some Music Museums around the world:

#14 The Delta Blues Museum, Clarksdale, Mississippi (MS)
an attraction for those who want to gain insights about the origin of various genres of music including country, jazz, rock and bluegrass etc.

#15 The Horniman Museum, Forest Hill, South London
This museum is home to a large collection of musical instruments, the most comprehensive in the UK.

#16 Museum of Making Music, Carlsbad, California, USA
Revives the history of American music with a large number of vintage instruments on display. Also provides visitors with an opportunity to play on a variety of hands-on instruments.

#17 Tareq Rajab Museum, Kuwait
Has an interesting collection of stringed instruments. These are from Iran, Afghanistan, and the Gulf.

#18 Texas Music Museum, Austin, Texas
Texas Music Museum is a rich collection of artifacts that represent Texas Music. The museum hosts a number of events and educational programs.

#19 National Museum of American History, Music & Musical Instruments Collection, Washington D.C
The museum’s Collection of Music & Musical Instruments is vast & plays an important role in preserving instruments of European and American heritage.

#20 The Raices Latin Music Museum Collection, New York NY
The Museum preserves and promotes some of the most loved Afro-Caribbean musical forms in New York City.

#21 National Museum of Musical Instruments, Roma Italy
Here you will find a large range of musical instruments from different parts of the world including – China, Japan, India etc.

#22 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
A number of musical treasures are on display at the Museum’s Musical Instruments collection.

#23 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The collection of musical instruments includes some beautifully crafted instruments which are definitely worth admiring.

#24 Ringve Museum, Norway
Being the national museum of musical instruments of Norway, the museum has a wide collection of European and Non European Musical instruments.

#25 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame & Museum, Cleveland, Ohio
This museum is a celebration of rock and roll music and is regularly visited by fans who want to witness the exhibits, events and educational programs organsied here.

#26 The Sibelius Museum, Finland
This is the only museum which is completely dedicated to music in Finland. Here you can find a large collection of instruments.

#27 MUSEUM OF MECHANICAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS- Castello di Sestola Via della Rocca   41029 SESTOLA MO
This museum displays mechanical musical instruments from the collection of “Edward Thones”. On display are music boxes, barrel-organs, etc.

#28 The Music House Museum – Acme, Michigan (near Traverse City)
Huge collection of music-making machines from the 1870s-1930s, including player pianos, nickelodeons, etc, as well as a a variety of organs. They give fabulous tours, and their instruments are kept in working condition and demonstrated to visitors.

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