Music Museums Around the World

Music Museums Around the World 

Museums play a vital role in preserving and honoring our history and culture. A visit to the museum is always inspiring, educating and exciting. Just as all other museums, a music museum is a specialized institution that collects, preserves and documents the treasures of musical history. There are a variety of museums dedicated to the history and variety of music all over the world.

The collection at music museums include musical instruments and artifacts that revive the history and music of popular musicians and artists etc.  If you want to know about some of the best Music Museums around the world, go through the following list –

Here is a list of some Music Museums (Musical Instruments Museum) around the world:

#1 National Museum New Delhi, India
This is one of the most prestigious and well known Indian Museums and has a large collection of musical instruments. On display are Classical, folk and Western instruments divided into interesting categories such as stringed instruments, Percussion instruments and wind instruments.

#2 International Bluegrass Music Museum, Owensboro, Kentucky – displays the history of bluegrass music. This is done by using films, recordings, interpretive exhibits, posters & costumes etc

#3 National Music Museum, Vermillion, South Dakota, USA founded on the campus of the University of South Dakota, this Museum is home to thousands of some of the most famous and world renowned collections of European, American and non-Western instruments. This museum is visited by thousands of visitors who come here to see some of the earliest and well preserved instruments.

#4 DEBENCE ANTIQUE MUSIC WORLD, Franklin, Pennsylvania USA – holds a collection of automatic music machines and msuical instruments – Calliopes, Carousel Band Organs, Music Boxes, Nickelodeons etc.

#5 John Lennon Museum, Saitama City, Saitama, Japan The museums preserves knowledge and information about John Lennon’s musical career & his life. On display, among other things is oko Ono’s collection of his memorabilia.

#6  The Scots Musical Museum, Scotland preserves the tradition of Music of Scotland.

#7 The Beatles Story Exhibition, Liverpool’s Albert Dock
a must visit for Beatles’ fans which brings alive the music, life and culture of the Beatles.

#8 Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) – Brussels, Belgium Here you can find rare and ancient instrument from around the world and also provides a platform for students, researchers and performers of music to learn and grow.

#9 Bob Marley Museum, Kingston, Jamaica This museum is dedicated to the king of reggae Bob Marley.

#10 Schubert Club Museum of Musical Instruments, Saint Paul, Minnesota The museum has multiple galleries out of which the main gallery displays many keyboard instruments. Other items on display include music boxes, etc.

#11 Reid Concert Hall Museum of Instruments, Edinburgh U.K. Having a focus on European Instruments, this museum houses stringed, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments from various parts of the world and different periods.

#12 Government Museum, Chennai Has many galleries including one which has on display India Musical Instruments including the Mridangam, Tabla, Kashtatharang, Pancha Muka Vadyam, Jalatarangam, Balasaraswati, Glass Dolak, Nagara etc.

#13 American Jazz Museum, Kansas City, MO this museum is visited by students, musicians and many scholars and has on display exhibits and educational programs. Also includes a Jazz Club, Art center and a Blue Room etc.

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