Accordion, Keyboard Musical Instrument

The Accordion is a bellows-driven Keyboard Instrument, considered to be closely related to the Concertina. Sometimes the Accordion and the Concertina were also called “Squeezebox”. An Accordion player is called an Accordionist and is often referred to as a one-man music band.

What does an Accordion Look Like? The Accordion is a large, box-shaped free-reed, bellows driven musical instrument. It comes in different sizes with varying overall weight.

Mechanism of the Accordion In order to play the accordion, a player must use both his left and right hand. Since both the hands play a vital role in playing the Accordion, most accordions have attached shoulder straps so that the player can easily play the instrument.

While the left hand is used to operate the bellows (expand and compress) and play the pre-set chord buttons on the left-hand panel, the right hand plays the melody on the keyboard on the right-hand panel. As the keys are pressed, the valves open and air enters through the steel / brass reeds, causing them to vibrate and produce sound.

Different Types of Accordion

Some of the different types of accordion include

  •     Chromatic
  •     Diatonic
  •     Unisonoric
  •     Bisonoric, etc.

Practical Application & Popularity Today The Accordion is most commonly used as a part of Classical Music, both orchestra and solo and is most popular in Europe (France, Belgium), North and South America.

Looking Back It is believed that the Accordion was invented way back in 1821 and further improved in 1829.

Famous Accordion Players

  •     Mat Mathews
  •     John Umina
  •     Jerry Cigler
  •     Frank Marocco
  •     Art Van Damme

Accordion Performance

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