Dhol, Percussion Folk Instrument

The Dhol is a large barrel-shaped hollow percussion instrument, most popular in North India and played in other parts of India as well.

What does a Dhol Look Like?

The Dhol is barrel shaped with a strong outer body. Both sides of the Dhol are covered with animal hide. While one side has a thin layer of hide, the other has a thicker layer which produces a lower pitched sound.

Most of the time, the Dhol contains a rope which is intertwined or interwoven across the shell or body. This mechanism is used to tighten the dhol and helps to alter its pitch. In other cases, the rope is substituted with nuts and bolts.

Dhol in India

Dhol players are in demand across India, especially in the norther region such as Punjab and Haryana, where the Dhol is very popular. Usually, two long sticks are used to beat both sides of the dhol to produce music and rhythmic beats. One stick is turned at an angle for ease of use.

The wedding season is incomplete without the Dhol in the North of India. Even during social events, Dhol players are much needed and welcomed.

Dhol Performance


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