What is a Dholak? Percussion Instrument

Indian Percussion Instrument – Dholak or Hand Drum

Dholak is a robust Indian percussion instrument. In India, the Dholak is one of the most popular and frequently played North Indian folk and percussion instrument. It is also referred to as the Dholaki or the Hand Drum.

It is most popular in Punjab, Rajastha, Haryana, etc.

What does a Dholak Look Like?

The Dholak is a barrel shaped musical instrument with an outer body or drum shell made of wood. It is hollow from inside with two openings on either side which are covered with hide.

What determines the pitch and sound quality of the Dholak is the manner in which it is prepared. The left side of the Dholak usually creates a lower pitched, well defined sound.

How to Play the Dholak?

The player usually produces sound on the Dholak by beating it with the hand or by using a stick.

In India, the Dholak is played during social functions as well as on special occasions, especially weddings as an accompaniment during singing or dancing.

North Indian Folk Music and dance, especially the Bhangra from Punjab is incomplete without the pulsating beats and rhythmic sounds of the Dholak.


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