Guitar, Popular Stringed Instrument

What is a Guitar?

The guitar is a hugely popular and widely played stringed musical instrument.

There are different varieties of Guitars available including Soft, Folk & Jazz etc. Guitars can be amplified to produce the sound of an electric guitar.

The most recognizable features of a guitar include –

* a flat body
* a long neck
* usually 6 strings
* a fingerboard with frets on it

The guitar strings are plucked using the fingers or a plectrum, also known as the guitar pick.

The plectrum or the guitar pick is usually a small piece of plastic shaped as a soft triangle. The left hand presses the strings on the fret board while the right hand fingers are used to pluck the strings of the guitar.

The vibration of the strings creates sounds and is controlled by the left hand that presses at the fret board.

The combination of the left and right hand at play on the guitar leads to the creation of different sounds which when clubbed together, produce melodies and tunes.


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