Jal Tarang – Percussion Instrument

What is the Jal Tarang?

The Jal Tarang is a fascinating Indian Percussion Musical Instrument that has had a vibrant history. Used extensively as a part of Indian Classical Music, the Jal Tarang is one of the oldest percussion instruments known to man.

Look & Features of the Jaltarang

The JalTarang or Jalatarangam (Jal – Water, Tarang – Waves) is also known as a wave instrument. It consists of a set of ceramic bowls which are placed in a semi circle. Each bowl is filled with varying quantities of water and music is created when the bowls are beaten with beaters or two cane sticks.

By varying the quantity of water in each bowl, different sounds can be created.

Famous Jal-Tarang Players

  •     Milind Tulankar
  •     Ranjana Pradhan
  •     Seetha Doraiswamy
  •     Sejal Chokshi
  •     Dattatray Gangadhar Gaekwad
  •     Ragini Trivedi

Jaltarang Performance


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