Marimba, Percussion Musical Instrument

What is the Marimba?

The Marimba is a keyboard percussion instrument popular mainly with composers. Falling under the category of orchestral instruments, the Marimba has a distinctively warm and resonant sound.

To sound the Marimba, wooden keys or bars are struck with mallets. The modern Marimba usually has a rose wood keyboard and brass pipe resonators. The 5 octave large Marimbas have the ability to produce a variety of low notes.

The Marimba is recognised as the National Instrument of Guatemala.

Marimba Players & Composers –

Those players and composers who popularised the Marimba and used it extensively in composing music etc include –

  • Jack Imel
  • Nanae Mimura
  • Mark Ford
  • Oliver Messiaen
  • Thomas Burritt
  • Evelyn Glennie
  • Keiko Abe
  • Toru Takimitsu
  • Colin Currie
  • Pedro Carneiro, among others.


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