What are Rattle & Shakers?

Untuned Percussion Instruments – Rattle & Shakers

Rattle and Shakers are perhaps the most interesting and simplistic untuned percussion instruments known to exist today. The beauty of these instruments lies in their simplistic and innovative construction.

The notable fact is that both these percussion instruments have been a major part of almost every music culture and their rhythmic sounds can truly act as perfect accompaniments.

What is a Rattle?

A Rattle is an untuned percussion instrument that holds beans or small pellets within its body and creates sound when it is shaken or struck. It may or may not have a handle.

What is a Shaker?

The shaker is an untuned percussion instrument which produces sound when it is shaken. The sound is created because of the objects which are stuck to its body’s exterior including shells, metal, glass etc.

The most common forms of the Rattles and Shakers are the Maracas, Ganza, Cabasa and used extensively in African, Latin American and traditional music.

The beauty of these instruments is that they are made using natural materials.


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