Santur, Santoor – Stringed Musical Instrument

Santur / Santoor

The Santoor, also called the Santur in India was popularised about a half century back by the well known artist Shivkumar Sharma.

It is a stringed instrument – in the shape of a trapeze – box like with a series of strings that pass over 2 or more rows of bridges. These bridges fall on the soundboard. The Santoor in India is more rectangular shaped, thicker and with a number of strings.

Different forms of the Santur have been derived in different parts of the world such as Persia, China, Turkey and Greece etc.

To play the Santur, the player uses a pair of sticks and strikes on the strings.

Here is a list of some of the famous Santur / Santoor players of India¬† –

* Shiv Kumar Sharma
* Rahul Sharma
* Pashang Kamkar
* Majid Kiani
* Bhajan Sopori
* Manoochehr Sadeghi
* Kourosh Zolani
* Ardavane Kamkar

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