Tambourine – Percussion Musical Instrument

What is a Tambourine?

The Tambourine is a Frame Drum, circular in shape and with a head made of calfskin or plastic. The head is nailed to a wooden frame in the form of a hoop.

Look and Feel – 15 – 25 cm / 6 – 19 in diameter 5 cm / 2 in depth

The Tambourine has small metal (cymbals) discs attached to its hoop.

Used extensively in parts of Europe as well in India, the Tambourine also features in orchestral folk music.

To play the Tambourine

The Tambourine or Daffli, as it is called in India is played by striking or slapping its head with the flat palm of the hand or with the fist. To simply produce a rattling sound, the Tambourine can be shaken creating an extremely likeable accompaniment sound.

Tambourine Performance


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