Orchestras & Choirs Around the World

What is an Orchestra? An Orchestra is an instrumental ensemble with a large group of Musicians or instrumentalists who are generally led by a conductor.

In ancient Greece, the terms orchestra was used to refer to the area or the place where the musicians performed. The Instrumentalists who form a part of the orchestra accompany the singers or may perform a musical piece on their own.

Groups of Instruments in an Orchestra

Any modern day Orchestra is usually divided into four main groups of instruments including –

  •     Woodwinds: Flutes, Oboes, Bassoons, Clarinets
  •     Strings: Cellos, Violins, Violas, Double Bass
  •     Percussion: Timpani, Piano, Triangle
  •     Brass: Trumpets, Horns, Tuba

On an average, many musicians form a part of the orchestra. However, the actual number depends on such factors as the musical piece being plated as well as the size of the venue where the orchestra is performing.

The beauty of an Orchestra lies in the combined effort of each and every musician who form a part of it. Each player must be in sync with every other musician to perform well and contribute to the orchestral performance.

Types of Orchestras –

– Symphony Orchestra: is a full size orchestra and can have up to 100 or more players playing different musical instruments. The Symphony Orchestra is also called the Philharmonic Orchestra.

– Chamber Orchestra : is smaller in size and usually has forty players or less.


Here is a list of some of the most famous Music Orchestras from around the world –

  • Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, Huntsville, Alabama – www.hso.org/
  • Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Springfield, MA – www.springfieldsymphony.org/
  • Sault Symphony School of Music – Ontario, Canada – www.saultsymphony.com/
  • Manila Symphony Orchestra, Manila –  www.manilasymphony.com
  • Houston Symphony, Houston, TX www.houstonsymphony.org/
  • Modesto Symphony Orchestra – MSO, Modesto CA – www.modestosymphony.org/
  • All Women’s Choir – The Namasté Women’s Choir – www.facebook.com/namastewomenschoir
  • Victoria Symphony, Victoria, BC Canada – www.victoriasymphony.ca
  • Wheeling Symphony, Wheeling, WV – www.wheelingsymphony.org/
  • Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, Malaysia – www.mpo.com.my/
  • Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Adelaide, Australia –  www.aso.com.au/
  • Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Victoria Concert Hall www.sso.org.sg/
  • Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Charlotte, NC – www.charlottesymphony.org/
  • New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Wellington, New Zealand www.nzso.co.nz/
  • Chattanooga Symphony & Opera, Tennessee – www.chattanoogasymphony.org/
  • The Old Post Road Orchestra (OPRO) Massachusetts, USA – www.opro.org/content/about-us
  • The Redlands Symphony Orchestra, Redlands, CA – www.redlandssymphony.com/
  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Dallas TX – www.dallassymphony.com/
  • Symphony Orchestra of India, Mumbai, India – www.soimumbai.com/
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada – www.kwsymphony.on.ca/
  • Auckland Youth Symphony Orchestra, Auckland – www.ayo.org.nz/
  • South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, SD www.sdsymphony.org/
  • BBC’s Orchestra Guide – www.bbc.co.uk/orchestras/guide/
  • BBC Symphony Orchestra – www.bbc.co.uk/orchestras/symphonyorchestra/
  • The Australian String Quartet (ASQ), SA Australia – Chamber Music www.asq.com.au/
  • Northfield Youth Choirs, Northfield, MN – www.northfieldyouthchoirs.org/

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