What is Taal in Classical Music?

What is Taal / Tala?

In Indian Classical Music, the term Taal also refers to ‘Taali’ or ‘Clap’. It is an important component of Indian Classical Music

The Indian system of rhythm is referred to as Taal, Tala, or Tal. During a live performance, however, this clap or Taali may be replaced by the beats or the rhythmic pattern of beats of the musical instrument, Tabla

List of Popular Taal in Classical Music

Some of the most commonly used Taals in Hindustani Classical Music are

  •     Ektaal (12 beats taal)
  •     Teentaal (16 beats taal)
  •     Dadra (6 beats taal)
  •     Jhaptaal (10 beats taal)
  •     Keherwa (8 beats taal)

Usually, the Tabla is used to play the taal in different tempos or speed.

The taal can be fast (drut laya), medium (madhya laya) or slow (vilambit laya), depending on the composition while the underlying rhythm remains the same.

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