Timings (Prahar) of Indian Classical Ragas

Timings (Prahar) of Indian Classical Ragas

Indian Classical Ragas

Indian Classical Raagas – Timings of a Raga

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Timings has an important role to play in Indian Classical Music

What is special about Hindustani Raagas is that there is a fixed time (’Samay’) for singing as well as playing each raag. It is believed that any raag will sound more attractive and melodious when it is played during that fixed time.

Moreover, there are different raagas for different seasons too!

Songs which are based on raagas are not only sung and played during specific seasons, but also during the specific hours / parts (’prahar’) of the day and night. (Days and nights have been divided into different parts and Indian Classical Ragas are played /practiced during this time).

For eg., Raag Malhar is sung during the Rainy Season and Raag Bahaar is sung during spring. These raagas when played during these specific seasons have the power of rejuvenating the spirits and creating an atmosphere of absolute bliss.

It is even believed that Great Classical Indian artists like Tansen were able to change the course of nature through their powerful performances and heat warming alaaps.

Call it wishful thinking if you like but it is believed that ragas have the latent power to alter the course of nature, summon rains, and even start a fire.

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