Jobs & Careers in Radio, India

Jobs & Career Opportunities in the Radio Industry, India

The Radio Industry in India has truly come of age. With the growth, expansion and increased reach of the radio industry, many new FM channels have come up offering a plethora of diverse content suitable for varying tastes and preferences in music. Role of Radio – Advertising & Communication

Some of the popular FM radio stations include – Radio City 91.1 FM – Whatte Fun!, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM – It’s Hot!, Red FM 93.5 – Bajate Raho!, Big 92.7 FM, Fever 104 FM etc.

Naturally, with such improved avenues for music, there is also a growing demand for talented and musically inclined individuals to handle the different aspects of these shows. join this exciting and challenging radio industry.

If you are interested in building a career in this exciting and challenging radio industry, read on to find out some of the popular career opportunities associated with this field –

1. Radio Jockey (RJ) – A Radio Jockey is perhaps the most well known member of today’s radio industry. It is the RJ who is responsible for presenting a radio programme / show to the listeners – an interface between the radio channel and its audience. Besides this, the role of an RJ also includes communicating with callers and guests etc.

A Radio Jockey Must Have –  a pleasant voice and personality, ability to communicate well, a strong personal style and interest / knowledge of different genres of music.

2. Sound Engineer / Audio Engineer – The Sound / Audio Engineer is responsible for maintaining just the right levels of sound in the studio as well as during recordings and editing etc.

A Sound Engineer / Audio Engineer Must Have – Knowledge and understanding of high end equipments, ability to produce sound effects, music mixing, strong presence of mind to handle technical emergencies and glitches.

3. Script Writer – The Script Writer creates the script for each show based on the subject of the programme, its duration and the time slot in which it will be aired etc.

A Script Writer Must Have – an understanding of the masses, ability to create a script that appeals to all classes of listeners, good with words.

4. Radio Producers – This is the person responsible for producing the entire show by effectively putting together all its elements in just the right manner. From music planning to deciding the content structure, a radio producer is constantly on the lookout for fresh and targetted content for each show that he / she produces.

A Radio Producer Must Have – skills for planning and executing, ability to think new, fresh and out of the box, coordination and communication abilities.

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