What is a Raaga, Raga?

Indian Classical Ragas, Raagas

Ragas occupy a very dominant position in Indian Classical Music

Definitions of a Raaga – Raga

  • “Swaro Ki Wah Anupam Rachna Jise Sunkar Anand Ki Prapti Ho, Raag Kahlati Hai”
  • “A Raag is a beautiful combination of musical notes that is pleasing to the ears when sung or played on a musical instrument”

Features of RagasBased on the rules of Indian Classical Music, to qualify as a Raga, the combination of notes must have the following features –

  •     Notes ( swaras) – There must be atleast 5 notes or a maximum of 7 notes (swaras) in a Raag.
  •     Aaroh & Avroh – Every Raga must have an “Aaroh” – ascending notes & an “Avroh” – descending movement of notes.
  •     Vadi & Samvadi – Every raag must have “Vadi” – most prominent & dominating notes and “Samvadi” notes – notes that complement the dominating notes.
  •     Melodious – A raag must be pleasant sounding and must be able to enchant the listener with its melody.
  •     Key Note – The key not can never be missing in a Raag – ie, “C” note or “Shadaj”.

In Indian Classical Music, many different ragas are recognised and played. Each ragas has its own mood and specific identity which defines it.

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Here is a List of Classical Indian Ragas

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