A Tribute to Michael Jackson

Tribute To Michael Jackson – The King Of Pop – What Fans Say About Their Favorite Star

The team at musicalescapades.com is deeply saddened by the demise of their most loved & favorite pop star – Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was not only a brilliant singer and dancer, he was also one of the best performers ever.

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www.musicalescapades.com would like to salute this unforgettable artist.  If you loved MJ like we did, post your tribute here on the TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON PAGE (scroll to the end of the page) or email us at contact@musicalescapades.com

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Michael Jackson MJ – King of Pop A Tribute to Michael Jackson By His Fans


  • I loved MJ and I am very upset to hear this. It is unbelievable. I pray to God to give peace to his soul. S. Krish, India
  • RIP MJ… You have been a part of my life since I was 10… I still cant believe your gone… I dont want you to be gone…. I have always believed in you and loved you … and always will. At least now you are away from those evil money hungry liars…. You are the BEST and no one will ever compare to you. You are the King of Pop… and you rocked our world… My heart goes out to your children whom I know were your whole life… I cant say goodbye… you will always be alive in my heart…. Angi, Australia
  • One of the greatest poets/entertainers ever to have lived. Sad to see how such a pure and innocent person was treated by the rest of us. In a sense its a good thing he left us, now I hope he will finally find peace and feel nothing but love. He deserves it more then most. R.I.P MJJ You ARE the greatest! Michael, Denmark
  • So shocked to hear about Michael Jackson. My heart goes out to his family and children. I do hope we hear the good things he has done. He was indeed the world’s king. May he rest in peace.Pat Hanoman, Trinidad and Tobago
  • M.J your fans are devastated. You’re unlike any other superstar because you transformed the lonely stage. Do R.I.P but you will be surely missed. Rest assured that you are forever a musical legend.Edna Dura-Ray, United Kingdom
  • You are the “King of Pop” Michael and we loved you. You will be sadly missed, “But you are not alone” we are here with you, though your far away, we will be here for you, find peace my friend. We love you.Wilma Pitt, Australia
  • The King is no more….what a shocker this is for me and the millions of fans out there, who will remember Michael Jackson and mourn him. He was undoubtedly the King of Pop for over 3 decades and a big part of my childhood memories when I was introduced to western music and culture in India. My sisters and I would memorize all the words to his latest songs and sing along! He will be missed by one and all! Snigdha Verma, USA
  • My fondest memories of Michael Jackson date back to the 80’s. We as kids loved dancing to the beats of his songs, each more likeable than the other. Michael, we will miss you dearly but your music will stay with us forever. Radhika, India¬† www.musicalescapades.com