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  1.  How to Convert your Talent into a Successful Career in Music
  2.  Are You Ready For a Career in Music
  3.  Promote Yourself to be Successful
  4.  Jobs & Career Opportunities in the Radio Industry, India
  5.  The Job of a Promoter in the Music Industry
  6.  Careers in Music – The Indian Classical School of Thought
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Learning Music, Listening to Music – Musical Instruments

  1.   Latest in Music Technology and Instruments
  2.   Who Should Learn Music?
  3.   Everyone Can Learn Music
  4.   Benefits of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument
  5.   Simple Tips to Learn How to Play Indian Classical Ragas on Spanish Guitar
  6.   A Look at The Origin of Guitars – The Hawaiian Guitar
  7.   The Thrills of Attending a Live Music Concert
  8.   What is Opera?
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Interesting Facts & Articles on Music

  1.  What is a Jugalbandi Performance?
  2.  A Short Discourse on Music
  3.  Music and Intelligence
  4.  Role of Radio – Advertising & Communications

Indian Classical Music & Ragas

  1.  What is a Bhajan? – Indian Devotional Songs
  2.  What is a Raaga – Raga?
  3.  Moods & Nature of Hindustani Ragas – Indian Classical Raagas
  4.  Indian Classical Ragas – Timings of a Raag
  5.  List of Classical Indian Ragas
  6.  Tabla Players

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