Careers in Music – The Indian Classical School of Thought

Careers in Music – The Indian Classical School of Thought

Gone are the days when music was merely considered to be a hobby or a good way to pass time. With the growth of the entertainment Industry, music has become a highly respectable and lucrative career option.
First things First – What is Music?

According to the Indian Classical School of thought, Music is compromised of 3 different arts namely
* Singing (the expression of sound vocally)
* Playing of an Instrument (the expression of music through an Instrument)
* Dancing (The expression of music bodily through the art of Dance)

No matter how you express it, these 3 arts are interdependent on each other. The growth of the entertainment Industry has opened many new avenues for those who want to seriously pursue their love for music professionally.

Career Options in the Music Industry
The field of Music (Singing, Dancing and Playing of Instruments) offers many different kinds of jobs based on a persons interest and capabilities. A broad categorization of jobs available in the music industry include –

1. Teaching
2. Recordings
3. Concerts / Performances and Live Shows
4. DJ’s, VJ’s & RJ’s etc.

A Professional Singer for eg, has the choice to perform in front of a live audience at concerts and live shows, birthday parties and religious functions etc.

Those who prefer a one to one interaction can start their very own music school where they can teach / train other aspiring singers. This is a very lucrative career option as well. Still others with a good trained voice can sing at recordings and lend their voices as back up voices at song recordings etc.

Those who are not directly related to singing but enjoy music all the same can become a DJ (Disc Jockey), RJ (Radio Jockeys) and VJ (Video Jockeys).

All three deal with music. However, what differentiates them is the medium they use to reach the audience. A VJ presents music on TV, an RJ presents music on radio and a DJ presents music at live shows.

Pre requisites for Building a Career in Music –
Whichever field you choose, if you want to seriously pursue a career in music, you must get professionally trained. A strong professional training will help you to make your space in this highly competitive industry. Make sure to train well for a good number of years to gain confidence and go a long way in your career.

Institutions There are many Institutions offering training in Music. Make sure to check the course schedule before enrolling.