Woodwind Instruments

What are Wind Musical Instruments & Their Varieties?

Wind Instruments can be divided into 2 categories –

  • Brass Instrument &
  • Woodwind Instrument

What do you mean by Wood wind Instruments?

Woodwind Instruments are perhaps the oldest family of musical instruments that exist today. The term woodwind is used to include all those orchestral instruments that produce sound when the player passes / blows air across the mouthpiece or when the reeds vibrate. Though woodwind instruments are primarily made from wood, they also include instruments made of metal / brass.

The shape of the woodwind instruments as well as the finger holes in its body, both have an effect on the quality of sound produced.

Common Shapes of Air Columns

  • conical
  • cylinder, etc

Different woodwind instruments use different methods to produce sound and are categorized based on it. This includes single reed, double reed and edge.

List of Wood Wind Instruments

  1.   Harmonica
  2.   Alto Saxophone (Alto Sax)
  3.    Shehnai
  4.    Flute
  5.    Whistles
  6.    Clarinet
  7.    Saxophone
  8.    Oboe
  9.    Bassoon
  10.    Crumhorn
  11.    Bagpipes
  12.    Harp

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